CheckPoint Miniatures Free Downloads

These documents are rules and background material to go with our miniatures

Feel free to download them and use them as they are or change them, maybe just nick a few ideas for your own rules or even just delete them if you don’t like them!

Feel free to print out a copy for your own use!

KR16 Rules

KR16 rules for 6mm sci-fi skirmish games.

These games are set on the colony world of Kometenmelodie and use for the most part our range of models



Background information for our KR16 rules 


KR16 Stats

KR16 Scenario ideas

Batt-Ball Rules

Batt-Ball Rules 




This is a test version of the rules which has had a limited test play but feel free to download and play


UBA-Team-Batsman-ProfilesBatt-Ball The Cast

The Cast of Characters